New Hunger Games: Catching Fire TV spot and clip released


If you didn’t quite enjoy the first Hunger Games flick (like me, and unlike everyone else at Flixist, apparently), and was hoping the fast-approaching sequel would be more palatable, boy, do these clips not help.

Apple has 40 un-embed-able seconds of Elizabeth Banks lightly dining on the scenery, for some reason. I appreciate that Lionsgate isn’t spoiling very much here, but surely there was some other 2/3s of a minute they could’ve shown. The costumes remain visually interesting, so at least we’ve still got that.

This latest TV spot (above), on the other hand, fills me with a little more excitement. There’s a spinning CGI thing, Katniss does some cool future stuff with a bow, some actual honest-to-god adult villains scheme about murdering children, and Philip Seymour Hoffman! This one doesn’t look half bad. What do you guys think?

[Source: Collider]