New ILM Avengers reel shows off all of the movie’s FX

ILM: Behind the Magic in Marvel Studios' The Avengers

Did you know The Avengers was nominated for an Oscar for achievement in visual effects? Who saw that coming? While I really hope it gets the Oscar (so we can have a comic book film be an Oscar winner), there is some steep competition. 

In what sort of feels like a “For Your Consideration” move, Industrial Lights and Magic has uploaded a sizzle reel of a few of the overall effects they put in The Avengers (along the same lines as the past video that showed off the invasion). And like I said last time, I was too busy going “Holy crap it’s the friggin’ HULK!” to enjoy the visuals, and now I hope these videos help us get past all of that. 

But come on. It’s the friggin HULK.

[via YouTube]