New image and details of Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie


The Hunger Games is expected to send Jennifer Lawrence’s star soaring, so the release of the first image from her next movie, The House At The End Of The Street, is perfectly timed to take advantage of her impending ascendance. Basically, it’s rather grainy magazine cap from Entertainment Weekly of Lawrence in a vest, looking frightened and a bit shiny. Anyone complaining? Nooooooooooooope.

Director Mark Tonderai also revealed some details about the movie, specifically that while the outward trappings consist of the usual horror movie clichés about a house blighted by a family massacre and the killer still at large in the woods(!), there’s a strong focus on the relationship between Lawrence’s character and her mother, as well as broken homes and social ostracism. All well and good, but I suspect most people will be paying for the murder and Jennifer Lawrence hot and bothered in a revealing vest. Let’s not overcomplicate these things. For more sexy Lawrence action, check out our Some Like It Hot feature on the actress and be sure to have a spare pair of trousers on standby. Or maybe a towel if you’re a lady? I don’t know. Someone needs to explain these things to me.

[via EW]