New image of Robert Redford in All is Lost


It seems that Robert Redford is slowly coming back into the limelight as far as acting goes. The film he most currently involved in is one by writer and director J.C. Chandor called All is Lost. This will be Chandor’s second feature film, his first being Margin Call which was nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

What makes this film rather unique is that Redford has said that he has no dialogue in the film. This wouldn’t be so odd if Redford wasn’t the only cast member in the film. And all that is known about the premise is that it basically is about a man is lost at sea and is trying to survive. The newest image shows Redford looking disheveled in what appears to be a life raft thanks to Collider. There was another one released with the official press release which shows off more of the disaster aspect of the film.

Check out the gallery below for a look at the images for the film thus far. The release date so far for All is Lost is October 25.

[via Collider]