New images and a bit more plot for Thor: The Dark World


We’re patiently waiting for the Thor: The Dark World trailer, but why not have some non-moving images to tide us over until then. Here we get another look at Thor holding his hammer, which is pretty much one of the most redundant photos ever release, and Thor and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) all decked out in Asgardian clothing. That one is a little more useful.

We get a look at what Jane will be doing in the film, which seems to be hanging out in Asgard for safety reasons. She’ll also be yelling at Thor because he hasn’t called or something. I’m praying it won’t be as stupid as the USA Today article makes it sound because it makes it sound like a teenage romance on the CW, and that is really stupid. 

[via USA Today]

Matthew Razak
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