New images from Men In Black III surface


I’d like to be the jaded cyncial film buff here, but I’m actually quite excited for the new Men in Black. I always thought the franchise had more to offer than the second film allowed and think the extension of the series could be a very good thing. Now, it being good is still up in the air since we have had next to no details on the film’s story and the script has been all over the place, but THR has finally revealed shots of the film so that’s something.

The images were taken while the film was shooting in Queens, New York and clearly confirm that the men in black are still wearing black. Pictured are Will Smith, who reprises his role as Agent J and Josh Brolin who will be playing a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K. Yup, younger version. Men in Black is going all time travel on our asses.

The slicked back hair and retro jet pack fit in with the claim that the year will be around 1969, but it’s hard to draw much more out of these images. I’m sure more details will leak out as they want them to… or maybe they already have and we’ve all just had our memories wiped with that flashy, red pen thing.

[THR, via Get The Big Picture]

Matthew Razak
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