New images from [REC] 3 Genesis


[REC] 3 Genesis will be out in Spain on March 30th. While we won’t see stateside release for a few months (Fox Searchlight will be distributing it apparently, so perhaps we’ll see it sooner rather than later), at least there’s something other than the official trailer to whet our appetites.

I’m excited for this film as well as the forthcoming finale, [REC] 4 Apocalypse. Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró are ditching the found footage aspect of the first two movies and allowing the story to open up more. I actually think the found footage form didn’t work as well in the second movie. It allowed for too much of a breather midway through when the tension was high.

Check out the gallery for all of these [REC] 3 Genesis pics.

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