New images from Sinister live up to the name


Maybe you’ve been holding off on getting your tickets to the Flixist/Geekscape screening of Sinister in L.A. because you didn’t think Allistair’s review had enough images in it. Well, your concerns are now null and void, as we have a whole host of atmospheric new images from the SXSW-tested horror film.

Don’t worry the movie doesn’t actually look like these pictures, they’ve just done some photoshopping to them to make them look more terryfing and fit them into the film’s story, which involves an evil creature that lives in photographs and film. Kind of clever as far as image releases go, but marketing didn’t take a golden opportunity here to have the face of the film’s monster hiding in one of the photos like he does in the film — unless I missed it. 

The film doesn’t really need the Photoshopping help as it’s supposed to be downright horrific, despite its not-so-original premise. 

Matthew Razak
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