New images from The Man With The Iron Fists


Music producer and Wu Tang Clan leader RZA is as much of a movie nerd as Quentin Tarantino, particularly when it comes to wushu, aka Chinese martial arts movies. Anyone who enjoyed Kill Bill – which should be everyone – should be excited to hear he has taken the helm of his own movie, entitled The Man With The Iron Fists. RZA, who also co-wrote, stars alongside Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Gordon Liu, Pam Grier and Jamie Chung in what should be one of the more eccentric takes on the genre in recent years.

At the very least, it should be visually thrilling to judge by the images released today. There’s a danger of this kind of movie slipping into tiresome self-indulgence, but hopefully RZA’s encyclopedic knowledge should at least give it some authenticity. You’ll be able to find out when it is released in the US on November 2nd.

[via Collider]