New IMAX poster for Iron Man 3


With less than a couple of months left until its release, Marvel has released a new poster for Iron Man 3 keen on reminding you that the film will be available for viewing on IMAX screens (and in 3D) everywhere come May 3. I know you were just dying for confirmation that you would be given the opportunity to pay double the regular ticket price to see Robert Downey Jr. in 3D on a screen the size of a small planet. You can now put those anxieties to rest.

To be fair, I think the only movies I ever see in IMAX are super hero movies. Iron Man 2, Thor, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises; all of them I either watched in IMAX or went back and caught on the bigger screen for a second viewing. It’s usually an enjoyable experience for the most part, but it ain’t easy on the wallet, I’ll tell you what.

Catch the poster down below with the full size version available in the gallery.

[via Coming Soon]