New Indiana Jones movie? Yup, pretty much.


While chatting up his new movie, Morning Glory, to entertainment journalist A.J. Hammer over at CNN, Harrison Ford pretty much confirmed it’s a thing that will be happening. Asked the obligatory question about starring in another installment of Indiana Jones he basically said he’d love to do another and that “George is working on something.” Once done he’s pretty much down as is Steven Spielberg. So there we have it. Another Indiana Jones movie is being brewed up as we speak. Can’t say I was thrilled about the last one. I think the series peaked with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Sean Connery but I’m still a sucker for Nazis being punched and that glorious music that accompanies the films.

Here’s hoping that it will be awesome and kick ass. Either way I know I’ll go see it regardless. I’m a sucker for the fedora wearing archeologist with the crooked grin. George Lucas may want to hurry it up though as Harrison Ford isn’t getting any younger. Also, please no Shia Labeouf this time around. Pretty please with sugar on top.

[ via CNN ]