New Infinity War trailer drops as tickets go on sale

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War - Official Trailer

Get hype, people. 

Avengers: Infinity War is barrelling towards us like the damn hulkbuster, and with this new trailer it’s hard not to get goosebumps. This is our best look yet at Thanos in action, and features a heavier dose of Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, and Gamora. What’s insane is that you can still ask where half the damn cast is, and all of that missing cast would be headliners in any other film.

We should also give credit where credit is due: Alan Silvestri’s Avengers theme is right up there with some of John Williams’ classics. Its hard not to hear the them as the Avengers A comes on the screen and not feel like you need to go see this movie right now. 

Whatever your feelings about Marvel’s films, you gotta respect what they’ve done to pull this together. 

Matthew Razak
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