New Inside Out trailer shows ins and outs of Pixar’s next film



Surprisingly, it’s been about two years since we’ve last had an actual Pixar movie in theaters, so it’s pretty exciting to get our first solid new look at their next feature, Inside Out. All previous looks so far gave us some peeks at the colorful cast of characters, headlined by an energetic Amy Poehler, as well as the sense of humor on display in the film. This time, we get a new trailer showing where the story seems to be headed with two emotions, Joy and Sadness, traveling into the recesses of the brain to recover some mismanaged memories of the 11-year-old Riley.

I’m already pretty interested in seeing this one as Pixar usually delivers pretty solid movies time after time and for how the parts inside Riley’s mind have a bit more of an exaggerated visual style going on compared to a lot of their recent movies. A weaker man would also probably use this time to comment on the raw emotion on display in this trailer too, but I’m better than that… I’m better than that.

Inside Out releases in theaters on June 19th.

[via Ellentube]