New international (French) Les Misérables poster


Now that we’re well on our way out of November, we enter into the legitimate beginnings of the Holiday season; that is to say, that time of year that some people love while others despise it wholeheartedly. What can we do to bring peace to these two different ideologies? How can we bring the people together who exuberantly love Santa with those who would just as well bash his rosy cheeked face in? How about the promise of an amazing spectacle of a musical opening on Christmas day? If that can’t do it, then truly mankind has lost its way.

My melodrama aside, Les Misérables is probably the most exciting thing that will happen for me on December 25th. With so little time until release, the PR machine is going to be working overtime, and while not intended for the likes of us English speaking folk, this French poster is looking absolutely fabulous. Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, AND Amanda Seyfried? It’s like someone was challenged to put as many beautiful faces on a poster as possible. SUCCESS!

[IMPA via Indiewire]