New international poster for Park Chan-wook’s Stoker


It looks like Park Chan-wook’s Stoker is now set to show during next year’s (January) Sundance Film Festival, and with so little time until it is ingested ravenously by festival goers’ eyeballs I guess someone thought it was about time for a new poster to go along with those strange gifs  from the other day. 

While not as striking as the previous poster, this new one certainly makes up for it with intrigue and mystery. It definitely brings forth plenty of questions to my mind’s forefront, the least of which is ‘What exactly is this movie about?’, to which I already know the answer: It doesn’t matter what it’s about. It’s Park Chan-wook. That’s all that I need to know. 

You can check out the full poster down below in the gallery and take in the eerie sinister vibe for yourself. As of right now, Stoker is set to open in select cities on March 1st of next year, and hopefully not too long after for the rest of us. 

[IMPA via Indiewire]