New international Warcraft trailer has wizard lightning, that orc baby, and a possible subtitle


The marketing machine for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft is starting to kick in as we get a little bit closer to the June 10th release date. A trailer released earlier in the month gave us a little glimpse at a dwarf and an orc getting its nards mangled.

This new international trailer gives us a little more blue wizard lightning as well as that tiny orc baby that was missing in the previous promo video for the film.

Give the new Warcraft trailer a watch below.

Warcraft “Trailer D“

“The Beginning,” huh? Wonder if that’s an official subtitle for the movie or just a little bit of marketing.

Here at Flixist we all still wonder how the movie will play out. Worst case scenario is that it winds up being a kind of generic fantasy film, but we’re also hoping that Jones works some magic and makes the material more interesting and imaginative than some of these promos suggest.

What do you think of this new Warcraft trailer? Gather your resources and share your thoughts in the comments.

[via io9]

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