New Iron Man 3 poster shows Tony Stark in smoky freefall


Iron Man 3 will have a minute-long ad during the Super Bowl. In the lead up to Sunday, a new poster for the film has dropped. Things aren’t too good for Tony Stark, who looks like Felix Baumgartner if he totally botched that freefall from the edge of space. Hopefully Spider-Man doesn’t try to save him — that would end badly.

While producer Kevin Feige claimed Iron Man 3 wouldn’t be so serious, this poster seems to suggest a major downward turn for the character. Somewhere in all that seriousness there should be room for Robert Downey, Jr. to turn on the snark.

Peep the poster in the gallery. Be sure to check out Flixist on Monday (perhaps even Sunday night?) for the Iron Man 3 ad as well as the other big Super Bowl XLVII movie spots as they become available online.

[Via The Official US Iron Man Fan Page on Facebook]