New Iron Man 3 promo art features gussied up War Machine


With all of the recent hubub of Avengers sequels and space puppies, it’s easy to forget that Marvel has to put out three flicks before it gets to release UMAS: 2015. We still have to look forward to Iron Man 3, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Thor: The Dark World. 

So to remind everyone that Iron Man 3 is a thing, here’s some promotional concept art” that shows off Stark’s new gold/yellah bellied armor, and a very “MURICA!” sporting War Machine which makes him look like the Iron Patriot. But…he totally isn’t because if the movie version of Iron Patriot was the same as the comic books…then we’d have some licensing issues on our hands (*spoiler cough* Iron Patriot is really Norman Osborn in the comics and Osborn is probably wrapped up as a Spiderman villain *end spoiler cough*

I for one like the new “MURICA!” War Machine. It seems like the next logical step given the reasoning behind War Machine’s design in Iron Man 2 (MURICA wanted War Machine to look like a badass…and a war machine). All that’s really left to complete all of this is to have War Machine shoot out tiny American flags out of his guns instead of bullets. 

[via Comic Book Movie]