New Lone Ranger images of Depp and Hammer look dusty


While I’m not a hugest fan of The Lone Ranger and the thought of Johnny Depp playing Tonto upsets me, I have to concede that these seven new images from the film (releasing whenever the hell it bloody feels like) make the setting look pretty convincing. Almost convincing enough to win me over…but not really. 

I’m really loving that four out of the seven photos actually focus on the beautiful looking scenery, and the production taking place on a Navajo Reservation makes it all the more splendid. Lone Ranger always had an insulting premise with a backwards take on the Native American people, and part of me is wishing that the new film is going to make up for some of that by focusing on how freakin’ beautiful the Navajo people keep their land and maybe have a more equal relationship between the Lone Ranger and Tonto. That’s at least until I at look Depp’s weird head bird thing. 

…also what’s with all the dust? The desert is so dirty.