New Man of Steel poster; teaser before Dark Knight Rises


At the San Diego Comic-Con they unveiled a new poster for Zack Snyder’s emotional and edgy Man of Steel. They also played a teaser for the film which will run before The Dark Knight Rises. Wish I could have gone this year, if only to get bloated on California burritos (a carne asada burrito with French fries inside).

The Man of Steel poster gives us a good look at the bathmat/rubber chainmail-like Superman suit. After a long day saving lives, that thing must be full of hair and lint. An embiggended version can be seen in the gallery.

More interesting is the teaser, which is supposedly free of telltale Snyderisms such as slow-mo-into-fast-mo. Collider described the teaser as “standard hero’s journey stuff” in which Clark wrestles with his identity, Pa Kent instills a heroic calling, Amy Adams Lois Lanes, and Michael Shannon Zods. Meanwhile at The Playlist, they report that the teaser was reminiscent of Terrence Malick, perhaps because they used some of Hans Zimmer’s score from The Thin Red Line. (Zimmer is scoring Man of Steel, so makes sense.)

I’m very interested to see this teaser, and not just because I’m one of two or three editors at Flixist who actually enjoyed Tree of Life (and I still dig me some Badlands). Though I’m not a fan of an edgy Superman in concept, maybe Snyder and company can surprise me with the execution.

[Via Collider, The Playlist]

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