New Miami Connection poster is like classic VHS box art


I have fond feelings toward VHS box art, which may be why I’m bananas about this new poster for the 1987 cult film Miami Connection. It was created by Quebec-based artist, François Simard, a member of the RKSS Collective. Drafthouse Films will be accepting pre-orders for this Miami Connection one-sheet next week.

Directed by and starring Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, Miami Connection is the Citizen Kane of “ninja-fighting Taekwondo new wave band” movies. The Alamo Drafthouse stumbled upon the film by chance a few years ago and it blew the audience away. Miami Connection will get a theatrical run this November with a home video release to follow. I have seen it multiple times now. Expect a Flixist review closer to the theatrical run.

In other awesome Miami Connection news, the band from the movie, Dragon Sound, has reunited. They’re slated to play Fantastic Fest at the Asian Invasion: Chaos Reigns Karaoke Party on September 21st.

In the gallery is Simard’s full Miami Connection one-sheet. After the cut, “Against the Ninja” by Dragon Sound.

[Via Badass Digest]

Dragon Sound Against The Ninjas

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