New MIB3 poster elicits euphoric giggling


While the Men in Black franchise is fairly whimsical in its own right, I am unsure of whether this poster is having its intended effect on me, as I cannot look at it without tittering like a girl. Featuring Will Smith riding on what is possibly meant to be a bad ass 360° motorcycle but in practice looks like a Segway PT crossed with a hamster wheel, the ad for MIB3 has me utterly gleeful.

I think what coltishly tickles my funny bone most is the unrepentant smile affected by Smith, who was probably told at the shoot to really make people believe that he was pimp riding through the subway on the film’s new hotness, possibly before he had the chance to look at the concept art for the giant bicycle tire he’d eventually be Photoshopped onto. His grin in the poster seems the same giddy expression he’d don while playing an arcade game in an episode of Fresh Prince where they went to an arcade and Carlton turned out to be a nerdy savant at Ms. Pac-Man. (Hey, that wasn’t bad, is that show still accepting specs?)

[via IMP Awards]