New Monsters University posters are totally adorable


Guys. Guys. Hey guys. Guess what? Guess. Guess. Did you guess? Well, fine, I’ll just go ahead and tell you: There’s two awesome new Monsters University posters and they’re unsurprisingly awesome.

When I first heard that they were making a prequel instead of a sequel, I was bummed. But the first trailer showed promise, and I mean, it’s Pixar. So long as their protagonists aren’t voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, I’m in.

But these posters (which you can view below) are really terrific. They both have some pretty funny little nods to both college and the original movie (specifically the “The Right Scare For the Job” poster) and just looking at them gets me all excited. June 21st feels like it’s years away. However will I-what’s this? Next month they’re re-releasing the original in 3D? Okay. That might help.  

[Via Collider]