New Muppet trailer takes the piss out of Green Lantern


It’s impossible for me to not be excited for The Muppets. This trailer is just fuel for the fire. With the actual Green Lantern getting terrible reviews, it may be a safe bet to say that this trailer alone is better than Green Lantern will be. With a little luck, this will also be the last trailer parody from The Muppets, as hinted at by a bit of lampshading from Jason Segal at the end. Not that I’m complaining. Also, I would totally watch a ninety-minute movie with everyone talking like the Swedish Chef. That movie was the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Because they’re all speaking Swedish. Get it?

Also, from Collider, we have a new poster for The Muppets. Yup, it’s a Green Lantern parody. I desperately want one to hang on my wall. I swear I don’t think I’ve ever been this entertained by a Disney marketing campaign. There’s no BS “It’s the triumphant return of The Muppets! Who were last funny close to twenty years ago!” It’s just fun, light stuff, like the Muppets never went away. Hits me right where I live, it does.

[Via Collider]