New Oblivion TV spots have the moon getting blowed up

Oblivion - TV Spot 2

There’s something about mayhem perpetrated against the moon that I find kind of absurdly funny, whether it’s threats to blow it up or Chairface Chippendale trying to write his name on it. In this new TV spot for Oblivion, a character nonchalantly says, “I saw the moon get taken out,” as if his next line is, “So, you going to eat that or what?”

I’m still a little in-between about my interest in Oblivion. On the one hand it looks like it could be promising given the set-up (i.e., Tom Cruise is a fightin’ WALL-E). On the other hand, I suspect Oblivion might wind up being the pre-summer blockbuster that gets lost in the weekly box office shuffle come May (and that I catch on Netflix Instant).

Another Oblivion TV spot is included after the cut. The film hits theaters on April 19th.

[Via First Showing]

Oblivion - TV Spot 1

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