New pics from Dark Shadows, MIB, Abe Lincoln: Vamp Hunter


I really haven’t read anything about Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows movie because one, the TV show bored me to tears as a child and two, it’s likely going to be another Burton/Depp Hot Topic wank-fest. Then I saw the picture in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Now I’m a little more excited.

Check it out in the gallery along with an AWESOME picture of Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, more of Andrew Garfield in the Spidey suit (sans mask, that’s a no-no!) from Amazing Spider-Man, and Will Smith and Josh Brolin on some goofy looking vehicles for Men in Black 3. These movies all have the potential to kick some ass, and these pictures have me even more hyped for all of them!

Also, remember when Michelle Pfeiffer was hot? Some of you might be too young to remember, but trust me, she was. I think I have a VHS of Batman Returns here somewhere… 

[Via Collider]