New pics of Ben Affleck as Batman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


We caught a glimpse of a seething Ben Affleck as Batman in the trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was released earlier in the month. (Batman v. Superman is not to be confused with the landmark Supreme Court case of the same name concerning the Constitutional rights of bats.)

Some new pics of Ben Affleck as Batman have emerged and… well… Batbrain looks like a gym-obsessed meat-head. (Bat-meat-head?)

I mean, look at that posture. Dude’s all delts, traps, and chest, brah. Batman probably has a gallon jug of water in each hand to hydrate between lifts, brah.

Here’s a collection of bat-jokes about meathead from the Flixist staff bat-emails:

EIC Matt Razak: “I’ve been killing my bat delts all week, bro. Today’s a bat arms day.”

News Editor Nick Valdez: “He looks like he doesn’t pay child support.” “Bruh those bat quads.” “I bet this starts because Superman and Batman endorse competing protein shake brands”

Editor Matt Liparota: “Superman, do you even lift? YOU WILL!”

What do you readers think of Batman’s look? Also, more importantly, how much can you bench?

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Hubert Vigilla
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