New Point Break remake trailer…well, exists


Okay, look. We all know remakes are all the rage right now, and we all know there’s a Point Break remake incoming and we all just have to accept that. The new one follows pretty much the plot of the original –fresh-faced FBI agent Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey in the Keanu Reeves role) is sent undercover to bust Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez in the Patrick Swayze role), who commits totally rad and athletic crimes with his gang. Utah soon realizes they’re not all bad, though, and soon must question what side he’s really on.

Anyway, the remake hits this Christmas, and a new trailer has dropped just in time for the weekend. It’s got all of the expository stuff we laid out above, but with a lot more smash cutting and rad action. This is a movie that absolutely does not need to exist at all, but it at least looks like it will have some really cool stunt-work that’ll look great on the big screen. Check out the trailer below: