New poster and official title revealed for the Zombieland sequel


It’s been ten years since Columbus gave out his rules of survival. Ten years since Wichita and Little Rock got to act like kids again, if only for a short time. Ten years since Tallahassee bit into The World’s Last Twinkie and made the same face my dog used to make when she got a pork chop bone. 

Now they’re all grown up and back for the sequel, and there’s a new poster to prove it. In honor of the ridiculous #TenYearChallenge going around, the Zombieland Twitter page took the opportunity to reveal the new look and official title.

The aptly dubbed Zombieland Double Tap (rule #2) rehashes the original’s look, albeit with a few years tacked on and a gun in place of a chainsaw. Not only are the four wanderers back, but so is Bill Murray, whose re-emergence after a prank gone wrong might be the most anticipated part of the upcoming movie. Newcomers to the film include Zoey Deutch, Rosario Dawson, and Dan Akroyd, who will test the boundaries of his talents and play himself. 

Zombieland Double Tap is slated for release on October 11th. 

Nick Hershey