New poster for Pixar short La Luna


Last month, Liz reported that Pixar’s new short La Luna would be premiering this week at the Annecy International Animation Festival in France. Well, the time has come! While we still haven’t seen a trailer, we now have a high-resolution still and a poster, both of which you can view in the gallery. Look at how adorable that is. He even has little crescent moons in his eyes! The big question is what this short will precede. Given that Cars 2 will be out shortly, I can only assume it will accompany Brave.

In case it slipped your mind, La Luna is about a young boy who goes out to sea with his father and grandfather to join them at work, and finds that they have very unusual professions. His father and grandfather set very different examples, and he must choose one of them to follow.

[via /Film]