New poster for The Paperboy


We don’t really know too much about The Paperboy, other than that it’s based off of Peter Dexter’s novel of the same name. That aside, this is a pretty awesome poster. You know why? It – in a single, still image – gives us a ton of information about the four main characters in the story. We understand how Nicole Kidman’s character feels about Zac Efron’s character through her expression in looking at him, we understand something about Matthew McConaughey’s character because of his posture, and we feel like we know all about John Cusack’s character down there, just because of his eyes.

Not only all of that, but I’m also totally digging the retro composition, color palette and typography that the poster’s employing. Nice work all around, if you ask me! The Paperboy has no set release date yet, but will probably be released in 2012.

[Via First Showing]