New poster for The Thing that’s a prequel to The Thing


You know The Thing that’s a prequel to The Thing that’s a remake of The Thing (From Another World) and spawned the absolute best film to video game adaptation/sequel The Thing? Well, that thing now has a poster (YAY POSTERS!).

I’m usually hard-pressed when someone asks me what my favorite film is, but the real answer is John Carpenter’s The Thing based of the sheer amount of times I’ve re watched that film. Though the thought of a remake/prequel frightened me at first me, most of my fears were settled by the time I saw the trailer at last year’s New York Comic Con. As for the poster, it definitely evokes the spirit of John Carpenter’s horror classic while casually reminding us it’s from the producers of Dawn of the Dead and that people liked that movie so in turn they’ll like this movie.

Look for The Thing to thaw out (PUNS!) come October.

[Via Film School Rejects]