New Prometheus featurette talks origins


Look, I understand that movies need hype and that the more something is out there the more likely it is to hit, but with a film like Prometheus I have to start assuming that less is more. I can tell you that I’m trying to head into the film with as little fore site as possible as I think it’ll be far better that way. That’s why I’m avoiding the plethora of featurette’s about the film, including this newest one about the film’s origins and themes.

OK, well I had to watch it to tell you about it, but I promise I’m forgetting about it right now. There are actually not that many spoilers in this one (unlike the latest trailer), but the short feature does reveal a lot about what the films about on the while. Creation of mankind, blah, blah, blah. Not entirely original in concept, but most likely entirely awesome in execution. 

Matthew Razak
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