New Prometheus image shows off a familiar friend


So a new image from Prometheus has been released today, and it contains someone fans of the Alien franchise might recognize. For the sake of spoilers, in case you guys don’t get that the things Ridley Scott’s said about the movie is basically bullsh*t, I’m going to put the image in the gallery and my reactions and stuff below the jump. For this part here, I’ll tell you that the purple gent in my header image is a DC villain also named Prometheus. He was one of those characters written to beat up all the Justice League to show how TOTES AWESOME he is and then got lost in obscurity until he resurfaced in Justice League: Cry for Justice, one of the single worst DC books put out in the new millennium.

Yeah, that’s my filler bit. Click the image if you’re OK with some Prometheus spoilers and check my reactions after the jump. Also, as Prometheus‘s release date looms closer, we’re going to have some pretty exciting coverage for the film, so make sure to stay tuned!

[Via Twitch Film]

Those figures in the background? Yup. Space Jockeys, as first glimpsed in the derelict ship in Alien. Ridley Scott’s made some noise that the figure we saw in Alien wasn’t just a vast alien, but rather a suit for something very different-looking, and these nigh-identical figures seem to confirm that Space Jockeys, as we’ve seen them, are a large suit containing the real Space Jockeys.

I’m now wondering what sort of role the ancient race will really pull in this movie. The ship our intrepid human crew discovers, and the one we see crashing in the trailer, bears a marked resemblance to the Space Jockey derelict from Alien and Aliens. Does the crew meet with the Space Jockeys? Anger them in some way? Are they still just ancient relics from a time long gone? We’ll see in a few months.