New Releases Tuesday: 3-22-2011


After last week saw the release of Sharktopus, it will be hard to beat. Like, really hard. I mean, The Tourist, Skyline, and Yogi Bear all coming out on the same day? I’m likely to drown under the mediocrity! From what I hear, How Do You Know and Meskada are both kind of crappy too. I guess Sharktopus has set the bar impossibly high. In fact, it may have destroyed modern cinema as a whole for me. Damn you Sharktopus!

But seriously, The Tourist was bad, and Skyline was a shallow, shiny experience with nothing of substance to offer (although I did manage to make an awesome Independence Day reference when I saw it opening night). I didn’t see Yogi Bear, but from what Geoff said, I’m glad I avoided it.

On the bright side, Stand By Me gets a Blu-ray release. That movie was a staple of my teen years, watching it numerous times with my best pal Dave. Also, Vin Diesel sees in the dark and stabs stuff with cool knifey things in the Riddick collection. Riddick-ulous!

Vin Diesel puns aside, hit the jump to see what’s out this week, and as always: what are you picking up?

New releases
How Do You Know
The Tourist
Yogi Bear

Blu-ray release

Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer
Against All Odds
Because of Winn-Dixie
Concert for George
Dr. Dolittle
How Do You Know
Random Hearts
Riddick Collection
Scary Movie 4
Stand By Me
The Bible…In The Beginning
The Sandlot
The Times of Harvey Milk: Criterion
The Tourist
The Vanquisher
Yogi Bear

Other releases
A Brady Bunch of Movies
A Deeper Love
A Streetcar Named Desire (1995)
Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer
Adventures of Ma & Pa Kettle 2
Alien 2: On Earth
Anywhere, USA
Big I Am
Bruce Lee Ultimate Trilogy
Dark Fields
Doomsday Earth 2012: Apocalypse Rising
Family Secret
Flambards: Complete Series
Girls Guns & G-Strings
House of Sin
Kid Rock: Complete Story
Little Engine That Could
Looking for Palladin
The Defiled
The Fence
The Lost Missile
The People I’ve Slept With
The Quiet Arrangement
The Times of Harvey Milk: Criterion
The Vanquisher
The Walking Dead Girls
The Windmill Movie