New Releases, week of 04/17/2012: “Shameful” edition


Slow week this week, but there are a few gems, namely Shameand Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. My greatest regret of 2011 is not getting a chance to see Shame, but I’ll have to settle for The Fass’s penis on Blu-ray instead of several stories tall. That’s life. Also out is The Divide. I didn’t get to that one either, but Alex didn’t seem very taken with it.

The only re-release that jumps out at me this week is the Criterion release of Harold and Maude. I’m not familiar with The AsphyxBuck Privates, or High Road to China, so if you are, please do sound off in the comments.

As always, the full list of releases is below. Lemme know what you’re picking up this week and if there’s anything I didn’t mention that is worth checking out!

New releases

Born to be Wild (DVD, Blu-ray, 3D)

The Divide (DVD, Blu-ray, 3D)

Domain (DVD)

The Flaw (DVD)

A Heavenly Vintage (DVD)

The Man Nobody Knew (DVD)

Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol (DVD, Blu-ray)

Shame (Blu-ray/DVD combo)


The Asphyx (DVD, Blu-ray)

Buck Privates (Blu-ray)

Harold and Maude (Criterion) (DVD, Blu-ray)

High Road to China (DVD, Blu-ray)