New Releases, week of 1/12/13: KDOC New Year Edition


I don’t know if you’re seen it already, but the KDOC New Year’s Eve show with Jamie Kennedy is a special kind of trainwreck. Uncensored f-bombs, technical glitches, an extremely faded Macy Gray, and a fight at the end. (Highlights after the jump. You’re welcome.)

It’s a big week for new releases and re-releases, including the unfortunate box office dud Dredd, Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, the HBO 2008 election film Game Change, Craig Zobel’s Compliance, Hit & Run with Kristen Bell, and House at the End of the Street with Jennifer Lawrence. Two documentaries I wanted to check out also come out this week: Samsara and Whores’ Glory. There’s also a movie called Gunfight at Yuma that Amazon lists as starring Frank Stallone and Joe Estevez. (YES!) Sadly, Frank Stallone isn’t in the movie, which is one of many odd Amazon errors I noticed this week. The most egregious: Shannon Tweed was listed as the star of numerous 1930s-1950s re-releases.

On the note of re-releases, there’s The Lost Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis, which Alec mentioned a while back. (If you’re not familiar with Lewis’s legendary gore films, start here with our look at The Blood Trilogy.) Also, Criterion is releasing the awesome Two-Lane Blacktop on Blu-ray this week. A couple random DVD/Blu-ray packs are getting released as well, the best of which brings together Gremlins, Gremlins 2, and The Goonies. Now I’m hoping for a Blu-ray three-pack for Munchie, Ghoulies, and Mac and Me.

Check out what’s new on DVD and Blu-ray after the cut. Also enjoy a little Frank Stallone and a little ditty about the big city.

New Releases

Abducted (DVD, Blu-ray)

After Fall, Winter (DVD)

American Masters: Inventing David Geffen (DVD, Blu-ray)

Assassins (DVD, Blu-ray)

Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best (DVD)

Collaborator (DVD)

Compliance (DVD, Blu-ray)

A Dangerous Place (DVD)

Dredd (DVD, Blu-ray)

Excuse Me for Living (DVD)

Found Memories (DVD)

Frankenweenie (DVD, Blu-ray)

Game Change (DVD, Blu-ray)

Gavin Degraw – Sweeter Live (Blu-ray)

George Lopez: It’s Not Me, It’s You (DVD)

Ghoul (DVD)

Gunfight at Yuma (DVD)

Guns, Girls and Gambling (DVD, Blu-ray)

Hit & Run (DVD, Blu-ray)

The Inbetweeners (DVD)

Hopeful Notes (DVD)

House at the End of the Street (DVD, Blu-ray)

Jack & Diane (DVD, Blu-ray)

Lapland Odyssey (DVD)

Mendelsohn’s Incessant Visions (Blu-ray)

Mortal Kombat: Legacy (Blu-ray)

Music From the Big House (DVD, Blu-ray)

Nova: Mystery of Easter Island (DVD, Blu-ray)

Now Is Good (DVD)

Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers (DVD)

The Prayer Circle (DVD)

Samsara (DVD, Blu-ray)

Seal Team Six: The Raid On Osama Bin Laden (DVD, Blu-ray)

Sleep Tight (DVD, Blu-ray)

Stella Days (DVD)

Stolen (DVD, Blu-ray)

That’s What She Said (DVD)

Timekeeper (DVD)

Touchback (DVD, Blu-ray)

Under the Cherry Tree (DVD)

Who Did I Marry (DVD)

Whores’ Glory (DVD)

The Wise Kids (DVD)


20-Film Great American Westerns: Lock ‘N Load (20?! I’m not going to type them all out) (DVD)

8-Film British Cinema Collection V.2 (Robert Louis Stevenson’s St. Ives | School for Seduction | Dirty Pretty Things | Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina | Rowing with the Wind | Love Among the Ruins | The Inheritance | Rogue Trader) (DVD)

BearCity (Blu-ray)

Better Than Chocolate Double Feature (Chocolat | Like Water for Chocolate) (DVD)

Bloody Flesh (DVD)

The Bone Collector (Blu-ray)

Brothers Grimm (DVD, Blu-ray)

Cape Fear (1962) (Blu-ray)

Dinotopia & Journey to the Center of the Earth – Fantasy Double Feature (DVD)

Driving Miss Daisy (Blu-ray)

Fear (Blu-ray)

Flatland (DVD)

French Kiss (Blu-ray)

Goonies | Gremlins | Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Blu-ray)

Grand Hotel (Blu-ray)

Happy Feet | Ant Bully | Scooby-Doo: The Movie (Blu-ray)

Hollywood: Streets of Gold (Hollywood: The Golden Years | Hollywood: The Great Stars | Legend of Marilyn Monroe | Hollywood: The Selznick Years | Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter) (DVD)

I Love You to Death | To Die For (DVD)

The Jazz Singer (Blu-ray)

The Last Samurai (Blu-ray)

Lost Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis (DVD, Blu-ray)

Love Notes (DVD)

Mrs. Miniver (Blu-ray)

My Dog Tulip (Blu-ray)

One Fine Day (Blu-ray)

Stalingrad (DVD, Blu-ray)

Stone of Destiny (DVD)

Tidal Wave: No Escape & Killer Wave – Disaster Double Feature (DVD)

The Time Traveler’s Wife | P. S. I Love You | Lake (Blu-ray)

Trespass / Bad Lieutenant Port of Call Double Feature (DVD)

Two-Lane Blacktop [Criterion Collection] (Blu-ray)

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