New Releases, week of 12/27/2011: “Rube Goldberg” edition


One of the last things I did before leaving Los Angeles was see Final Destination 5 with Alex and Jenika. Boy oh boy was it awesome. Not only did it have everything a Final Destination needs to make it amazing (namely ludicrous kill setups and wonderful payoffs), one of the best applications of 3D this year, and a hot babe from The Walking Dead, it had Miles Fisher. Can you hear that? That’s the sound of my heart going pitter-patter.

Anyways, you can now enjoy that film in the privacy of your own home, along with a small stack of other films out this week. Also of note: the sci-fi found footage film Apollo 18 and the fantastic sex comedy A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. Of lesser note, two sequels to films that really didn’t need another installment in the first place: In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds and Hostel: Part III. I saw Hostel: Part III and while it wasn’t bad, it was not half as gory as the first two installments, and the gore is sort of a hallmark of the series. In the Name of the King 2, however, has picked my interest. Here is the premise, per Wikipedia: “Uwe Boll has confirmed that the film will have a time travel story where Dolph Lundgren will play a former military officer who is attacked by ninjas and sent through a time vortex where he gets stuck in medieval times. Boll has also gone on to confirm that a dragon will be included in the film.” DRAGONS!

On the re-release side, Sid & Nancy is on Blu-ray. It’s good to know I have something good to spend my Christmas monies on!

As always, the full list of releases is below. Lemme know what you’re picking up this week and if there’s anything I didn’t mention that is worth checking out!

New releases

Apollo 18 (DVD, Blu-ray)

City Under Siege (DVD, Blu-ray)

Dispatch (DVD)

Final Destination 5 (DVD, Blu-ray)

The First Grader (DVD)

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (DVD)

Hostel: Part III (DVD)

In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds (DVD, Blu-ray)

Jane’s Journey (DVD)

The Pool Boys (DVD, Blu-ray)

Tuesday After Christmas (DVD)

Tunnel Movie (DVD)


Buck (Blu-ray)

Sid & Nancy (Blu-ray)