New Releases, week of 12/29/12: Boxing Day Edition


It’s the day after Christmas, and I’m sure many of us are getting over jetlag and mild hangovers. Some of us have returned to work and are simply playing Free Cell until it’s time to punch out. (Do people still play Free Cell? Are punch cards even a thing? Whatever happened to Jack Parr on The Tonight Show?)

Both Christmas and New Year’s have thrown off the DVD and Blu-ray new releases for a bit, which means the Mayans were right. Pickings are a little slim, but there are still a few things to consider if you’re trying to find a last-minute Boxing Day gift. The biggest release this week is probably The Room on Blu-ray, from acclaimed auteur Tommy Wiseau.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is out this week, and ditto a re-release of In Search of Dracula, an old documentary on vampires with Christopher Lee. For your fun-loving wrastling fan, WWE has released a compilation of their best pay-per-view matches from 2012, including Triple H vs. The Undertaker, John Cena vs. The Rock, Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk, and me vs. Barry Horowitz.

Next week Looper comes out, so that’s cool. I’m really just filling space at this point. See what’s new on DVD and Blu-ray after the cut, and join us in celebrating Boxing Day.

Rocky IV Training Montage HD

New Releases

Gregg Allman – I’m No Angel: Live On Stage (DVD)

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (DVD, Blu-ray)

Morning (DVD)

Musical Journey: Finland (DVD)

The Thompsons (DVD, Blu-ray)

WWE: 2012 Best Pay-Per-View Matches (DVD, Blu-ray)

Street Fighter - Balrog: Behind the Glory


2-Pk Comedy: Easy Money/Throw Momma From The Train (DVD)

The Black Pirate (DVD)

Brain of Blood (DVD)

Buddy Roosevelt Double Feature: Boss Cowboy | Lightning Range (DVD)

Dynamite Denny (DVD)

Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Collection: Charlie’s Haunt | Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Show (DVD)

Fangs of Destiny (DVD)

In Search of Dracula (DVD)

The Lonely Woman (DVD)

Lupino Lane Collection: Maid in Morocco (1925) | Naughty Boy (1927) | Off Again (1927) | Purely Circumstantial (1929) | Roaming Romeo (1928) | Who’s Afraid (1927) (DVD)

Reaching from Heaven (DVD)

The Room (Blu-ray)

The Scavengers (DVD)

Sci-Fi Collection (DVD)

Silent Western Double Featured: The Border Sheriff | The Last Chance (DVD)

Special Agent K7 (DVD)

Stagecoach to Denver (DVD)

Sweetheart of the Navy (DVD)

Two Minutes to Play (DVD)

Mike Tyson's Punch Out one hit run

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