New Releases, week of 2/1/14: San Francisco Rush Edition


This week’s still a good week, folks. Heading up our new releases are Rush (which was conspicuously nominated for a Golden Globe), Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (which is conspicuously nominated for an Academy Award), Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Fifth Estate, and Argento’s Dracula (which our former Hubert hilariously disliked). 

In re-releases, The Long Day Closes joins the Criterion Collection, and a few notable movies get conspicuous new Blu-ray releases like Apollo 13, King Kong, and Jaws. For those wondering, conspicuous was today’s word on my word of the day calendar and I wanted to see how much I could shove it into this post. As for me, I’ll be nabbing Metallica: Through the Never. 

Hit the cut for the full list of notable home video releases for the week. 

New Releases:

1 The Movie (DVD, Blu-ray)

Argento’s Dracula (Blu-ray) 

Ass Backwards (DVD)

Bonnie & Clyde (DVD, Blu-ray)

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (DVD, Blu-ray)

Concussion (DVD)

The Fifth Estate (DVD, Blu-ray)

House of Bodies (DVD)

I Will Follow You Into the Dark (DVD)

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (DVD, Blu-ray)

Last Vegas (DVD, Blu-ray)

Masterpiece: Downton Abbey Season 4 (DVD, Blu-ray)

Metallica: Through the Never (DVD, Blu-ray)

Penguins: Spy in the Huddle (DVD)

Pinky, Elmyra, and The Brain The Complete Series (DVD)

Remnants (DVD)

Rush (DVD, Blu-ray)

Seasons of Gray (DVD)

Snow Babies / Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice (DVD)

The Snow Queen (DVD)

Torture Chamber (DVD)

Wagner Gala (Blu-ray)

WWE: Best of Raw & Smackdown 2013 (DVD)

San Francisco Rush 2049 Soundtrack - Title


Apollo 13 (Blu-ray)

The April Fools (DVD)

Beast Of Hollow Mountain / The Neanderthal Man (DVD, Blu-ray)

British Cinema Showcase – 6-Movie Set (DVD)

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: Kino Classics Remastered Edition (DVD)

E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (DVD, Blu-ray)

Frankenstein Created Woman (Blu-ray)

Jaws (DVD, Blu-ray)

King Kong (DVD, Blu-ray)

The Long Day Closes (Criterion Collection) (DVD, Blu-ray)

The Lucy-Desi Milton Berle Special (DVD)

Nicholas Sparks – Limited Edition Collection (DVD)

The War Between Men and Women (DVD)

Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me? (DVD)

Big Time Rush - Worldwide (Video)