New Releases, week of 3/9/13: Wreckx-n-Effect Edition


This week’s biggest release by far is Wreck-It-Ralph, Disney’s CG animated offering chockablock with retro gaming references. (Wreck-It-Ralph was also the title of my unproduced sequel to King Ralph.) Also new and notable this week are the acclaimed Eric Toledano film The Intouchables, the underwhelming remake of Red Dawn (de-Chinese’d for your protection), Barry Levinson’s undercooked found-footage horror film The Bay, and a few sexy how-to videos for couples or lonely individuals. These sexy how-to’s include Kamasutra action and erotic massage… in 3D!

On the re-release front, the most notable discs are Blu-ray re-issues of the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series, Buster Keaton’s College, the totally fun cyborg amusement park run amok movie Westworld. One of these days I’ll do a back-to-back double feature of Westworld and its sequel Futureworld, and then try to write a sequel to it that ties in my other unproduced King Ralph sequel — King Ralph 3D: Ralphworld.

After the cut, this week’s releases on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as different kinds of wreckage.


New Releases

Abducted: The Carlina White Story (DVD)

The Bay (DVD, Blu-ray)

Bret Hitman Hart: The Dungeon Collection (DVD, Blu-ray)

California Solo (DVD)

Care Bears: Totally Sweet Adventures (DVD)

Collaborator (DVD)

A Dark Truth (DVD)

An Easter Bunny Puppy (DVD)

Eaters (DVD)

Elfie Hopkins: Cannibal Hunter (DVD)

Foolishness (DVD)

Gun Hill Road (DVD)

Heleno (DVD)

House Hunting (DVD)

Interview With a Hitman (DVD, Blu-ray)

The Intouchables (DVD, Blu-ray)

Je’Caryous Johnson’s Marriage Material (DVD)

Kamasutra: Sexual Positions for Lovers (3D/2D Blu-ray)

Kamasutra: Sexual Positions For Lovers (UNCUT VERSION) (DVD)

Lay the Favorite (DVD, Blu-ray)

The Marine 3: Homefront (DVD, Blu-ray

Midnight Stallion (DVD)

Muay Thai Warrior (DVD, Blu-ray)

Noel Gallagher – International Magic Live At The O2 (DVD, Blu-ray)

Nova: Inside the Megastorm (DVD)

Ocean Giants (DVD, Blu-ray)

Off White Lies (DVD)

Playing for Keeps (DVD, Blu-ray)

Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Rangers Movie (DVD)

Red Dawn (DVD, Blu-ray)

Revelation Road (Blu-ray)

The Seven Year Hitch (DVD)

Sigur Rós – Valtari Film Experiment (Limited Edition) (DVD, Blu-ray)

Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess (DVD)

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You (DVD)

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Friends Forever (DVD)

Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas (DVD)

Touch of Love: The Intimate Yoni and Lingam Massage (DVD, 3D/2D Blu-ray)

Ultramarines: Warhammer (DVD, Blu-ray)

Unconditional (DVD)

Veggie Tales: The Little House That Stood (DVD)

Waiting for Lightning (DVD, Blu-ray)

Wreck-It Ralph (DVD, Blu-ray)

Dare to be Stupid Transformers


10 Movie Family Collection (Miracle Dogs, Miracle Dogs Too, The Retrievers, Little Hercules, First Dog, Cop Dog, The Minis, Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang, The Saddle Club: The Mane Event, and The Gold Retrievers) (DVD)

10 Movie Princess Collection (The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty & The Beast, The Frog Prince, Pocahontas, The Princess and the Goblin, The Little Princess, and Aladdin) (DVD) [Note: Totally not the Disney movies]

Brewster’s Millions (1945) (DVD)

Catch Me If You Can / The Terminal Double Feature (DVD)

College: Ultimate Edition (Blu-ray)

Crocodile Dundee / Crocodile Dundee II Double Feature (DVD)

Faith & Family 4 Film Collection (Soldier Love Story, Expecting A Miracle, Miles From Nowhere, and The Nanny Express) (DVD)

The Falcon and the Snowman (DVD)

The Great Spy Chase (DVD, Blu-ray)

Nativity Story (Blu-ray)

Nightmare on Elm Street Collection (Blu-ray)

One Night With the King (Blu-ray)

Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc (DVD, Blu-ray)

Schindler’s List 20th Anniversary Limited Edition (DVD, Blu-ray)

True Grit (2010) / Hondo Double Feature (Blu-Ray)

Westworld (Blu-ray)

Yellow Brick Road & Beyond (DVD)

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