New Releases, week of 4/13/13: Historical Hot Dog Edition


It’s another slow week on the DVD/Blu-ray release front. The most high-profile title is the disappointing Hyde Park on Hudson, which features Bill Murray as FDR. (More accurately, Bill Murray doing an impersonation of Cary Grant doing an impersonation of FDR.) Maybe the most notable thing about that movie is its use of hot dogs as plot device.

On the re-release side, Criterion is putting out Teinosuke Kinugasa’s acclaimed 1953 film Gate of Hell, not to be confused with Lucio Fulci’s not-as-acclaimed 1980 film The Gates of Hell (aka City of the Living Dead) in which a woman literally pukes her guts out. Criterion is also issuing a Blu-ray for David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Naked Lunch, allowing you to see puckering insect rectums and runny mugwump jism in glorious high definition.

Other notable releases: The Sorcerer and the White Snake with Jet Li, the first five Fast and the Furious films on Blu-ray, a James Gandolfini/Famke Janssen vehicle called Down the Shore, and some kind of Candian sexploitation movie called Sexcula.

After the cut, this week’s releases on DVD and Blu-ray. Also, watch hot dogs get eaten and find out how they get made (with insect rectums and mugwump jism).

2012 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition RECAP

New Releases

Bad Kids Go to Hell (DVD)

Brilliant Mistakes (DVD)

Church Wives (DVD)

Craig Shoemaker: Daditude (DVD)

Crush (DVD, Blu-ray)

Deadball (DVD, Blu-ray)

Down the Shore (DVD, Blu-ray)

Erroll Garner: No One Can Hear You Read (DVD)

The Four (DVD, Blu-ray)

Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy (DVD, Blu-ray)

Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts (DVD)

Great Barrier Reef (DVD, Blu-ray)

Hyde Park on Hudson (DVD, Blu-ray)

I Shot JFK: The Shocking Truth (DVD)

In Another Country (DVD)

Infected (DVD)

Inside the Afghanistan War (DVD)

Into The Cold: A Journey of the Soul (DVD)

The Kitchen (DVD)

The Last Flight of Petr Ginz (DVD)

Late Bloomers (DVD, Blu-ray)

Love & Foootball (DVD)

Love Free Or Die (DVD)

One Life (DVD, Blu-ray)

Orchestra of Exiles (DVD)

PAPUA 3D – The Secret Island of the Cannibals (Blu-ray)

Paranormal Movie (DVD)

Popieluszko: Freedom is Within Us (DVD)

Planet Ocean (DVD, Blu-ray)

The Preacher’s Daughter (DVD)

President’s Day (DVD)

Ring the Bell (DVD)

Sexy Evil Genius (DVD)

Snoop Lion – Reincarnated (DVD)

The Sorcerer and The White Snake (DVD, Blu-ray)

Stevie Nicks: Through the Looking Glass (DVD)

Switch (DVD)

Titanic: The Shocking Truth (DVD)

Womb (DVD, Blu-ray)

Woochi: The Demon Slayer (DVD, Blu-ray)

Kobayashi vs Giant Bear


2 Fast 2 Furious (Blu-ray)

4-Film Icons of Action Set (Blitz / Eye See You / In Hell / Direct Contact) (Blu-ray)

4 Film Ultimate Disaster Set (Lost City Raiders / Storm Cell / Polar Storm / Quantum Apocalypse) (DVD)

Anatomy Of A Psycho / The Lonely Sex (DVD)

The Cary Grant Film Collection (Born To Be Bad / I Was a Male War Bride / People Will Talk / Monkey Business / An Affair to Remember / Kiss Them for Me) (DVD)

Confessions From The Grassy Knoll: The Shocking Truth (DVD)

Fast & Furious (Blu-ray)

Fast Five (Blu-ray)

The Fast and the Furious (Blu-ray)

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Blu-ray)

Father’s Day (DVD, Blu-ray)

Gate of Hell [Criterion Collection] (DVD, Blu-ray)

Massage Parlor Murders (DVD, Blu-ray)

Naked Lunch [Criterion Collection] (Blu-ray)

O’Hara’s Wife (DVD)

Replacement Killers / Truth or Consequences, N.M. (Blu-ray)

Sexcula (DVD)

The Suckers / The Love Garden (DVD)

How It's Made - Hot Dogs

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