New Riddick image graces us with more Riddick


I’m starting to wonder if Riddick has a marketing team at all or if Vin Diesel just went, “I’m not paying that. I’ll do it myself.” He’s once again released the our next tease of the upcoming film over his personal Facebook account. This one is of Riddick about to hit someone (we assume) with a large sharp object.

He posted two versions of the image as you can see below. We’re guessing the brown one is the film’s actual color palette, because that’s the color we’ve seen throughout images, but wouldn’t it be cool if it wasn’t. Brown is so… brown.

I think we can now safely conclude after seeing a few of these images that it will indeed rain in the film and things will be dark. We’ll see the full extent of this rainy darkness when the movie lands on September 6.

Matthew Razak
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