New RoboCop trailer expands on story

RoboCop - Official Trailer #2 - In Theaters 2/12/14

The original trailer for the reboot of RoboCop left us scratching our heads a bit. It looked promising, but it also left us with a lot of questions. This newer one answers plenty of them, and actually succeeds at getting me excited, mostly because it isn’t action-centric. I’m sure there will be plenty of action love in the film, but this focuses on the plot and themes, which are what made the original so great.

More worrisome is the fact that we’re still not seeing much in the way of quality dark comedy. It definitely looks like this RoboCop is more blockbuster film than uber-violent social commentary. I’m OK with that, but it’s a sad missed opportunity to try something different in the action scene. 

Also, new poster with a really big gun.

Matthew Razak
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