New scene added to the end credits of Avengers


At my screening last night of The Avengers I practically had to force my friends to sit through the credits because they didn’t believe that there would be anything after the epically long roll of names. They were fools! It’s a Marvel movie; of course there’s something after the credits. It’s that rumored additional scene that the cast and crew filmed after the movie premiered, in fact.

I won’t spoil it here, but it’s really and truly charming and one of those things that you wouldn’t find anywhere else but in a Joss Whedon film. It’s just the perfect style of quirky that he’s nailed his entire career. Seriously, make sure you stay all the way through until all the credits have finished. There’s a fake post-credit scene (that is awesome for other reasons) after the title credits, but this one is after everything.

Matthew Razak
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