New Scream trilogy scrapped


If you’ve seen the end of Scream 4 you know that’s there really isn’t much keeping them from making a fifth Scream film. After all, the three main characters are still alive and kicking so why not stretch this sucker out even longer? Well, because no one really wants it too as is shown by the lukewarm reviews (we enjoyed it enough) and mediocre box-office.

Because of these reasons Dimension Films has stated that the plans to launch a new trilogy of Scream films, all of which had been mapped out by Kevin Williamson, have been stopped. ”The Scream franchise will likely end here, at least for the moment,” a contact at Dimension told Moviehole. They went on to say Scream could become a direct-to-DVD franchise, but that the future of the planned trilogy “stops here.”

This is probably good news to Williamson who left the Scream 4 production after arguments with producers, and, to be honest, good news for us as well. I think that Scream 4 proved that the magic isn’t there anymore. Time to move on, folks.

[Moviehole, via Dark Horizons]

Matthew Razak
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