New Silent Hill: Revelation TV spot


Before I share my opinion in regards to this TV spot, I have to disclose that I consider myself a pretty serious Silent Hill fan. I’ve played all of the games, read the comics (bleh), researched the mythology and symbolism, and have a tendency to sit in the dark and listen to the soundtracks. Yeah, I’m that guy. I’ll even admit that I saw the first Silent Hill three times in the theaters, and that I actually liked it.

So now that that is out there, I have to say I am not particularly impressed with what I’ve seen of Revelation thus far. Even though it looks to be following the plot of Silent Hill 3 very closely, it still just feels too hokey for me. A large part of my enjoyment of the first film was that I knew that Christophe Gans was a genuine fan of the series, and that was translated to the finished product, at least to a certain degree. Was it still an incredibly flawed movie? Sure, but beggars can’t be choosers in the world of adaptations. Revelation just seems too in your face and lacks the subtlety and suggestion of what defines true horror. I’m also weary of any film that feels it’s okay to incorporate ‘3D’ into its title. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough if the movie can do the property justice when it releases at the end of the month.

[via Coming Soon, STYD]