New Smurfs Trailer makes you want to Smurf yourself


Rejoice, friends! A new trailer for The Smurfs is out! We get to see our wacky little buddies arrive in New York, fall in toilets, and harass Dr. Horrible. Oh yeah, and Gargamel gets hit by a bus.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of The Smurfs, but this just feels like a travesty. They look so horrible in 3D! Look at that skin texture! They look like blue rubber balls. The gags seem to mostly consist of poor slapstick and the usual saying “Smurf” instead of other words. On the plus side, I do love me some Neil Patrick Harris, and his character seems to have the same disdain for his new guests that I do. Maybe the movie will end with him stomping them to death. Sorry, Smurfing them to death.

[via /Film, via Yahoo! Movies]