New Snow White & The Huntsman poster is fairly groovy


Sneering at the two upcoming Snow White movies has virtually become a spectator sport, with Tarsem Singh’s production looking rather twee and Universal’s Snow White & The Huntsman starring Bella Swan, aka the never-not-huffy Kristen Stewart.

That said, the recently revealed poster for the Kristen Stewart movie actually has a bit of visual funk going on, capturing a Joan Of Arc meets fairytale aesthetic that could turn out to be rather good fun. Sure, the colours are the same old orange-and-blue, but Charlize Theron looks appropriately devious as the Evil Queen and Chris ‘Thor‘ Hemsworth is yielding a mighty big axe, which is usually a good sign. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with the dwarves too. Maybe NINJAS!

Check out the full size poster here.

[via /Film]