New Sonic the Hedgehog trailer shows off revised design not plundered from the Lovecraftian depths

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Sometimes the merciless criticism of the internet can bring the world together under the banner of hating one terrible decision. Back in April that decision was the design for a film adaptation of everyone’s favorite blue video game mascot (who isn’t Mega Man), Sonic the Hedgehog. Our favorite rodent in red sneaks goes fast, and he’s supposed to look good doing it. The team at Paramount messed up super bad, making the original incarnation of the chili dog-eating speedster look like something out of one of those bizarre Spongebob videos. It was no good, and the internet had much fun at Sonic’s expense.

But no more! Paramount has now released a fresh trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog with the redesigned mascot, and he looks pretty good! He’s cute and fluffy, missing some of the terrifyingly human features of his predecessor. It even shows his infamous scream as something a little more Bugs Bunny and less Globglogabgalab. As a whole, it looks like the animators have taken extra care to make Sonic look more expressive and charming than before. I don’t know if it should have taken the concentrated meme powers of the internet to pull this off, but yeah, it works.

As for the movie itself—it’s fine. As a man who was once a child that was very into Sonic the Hedgehog and Jim Carrey, I can safely say I would’ve been losing my mind over this shit. We have Carrey playing Ace Ventura playing Doctor Robotnik, and Sonic is essentially a Looney Tune, now. I think that, unlike the cursed Cats film, this bad boy actually has a chance.

We’ll all see for ourselves when Sonic the Hedgehog speeds to theaters on February 14, 2020.


Kyle Yadlosky
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